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London 2015

Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative



On November 4, 2015 Cervical Cancer Action (CCA) launched a five-year initiative called Taking Cervical Cancer Prevention to Scale: Protecting All Women and Girls. To abbreviate, we call it the Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative, or CCPI. The Initiative convenes a multi-sector partnership committed to prioritizing investments in the health of adolescent girls and women and building momentum for action on global cervical cancer prevention over the next five years (2015–2020). CCA is committed to serving as the convening partner during the first two years of the Initiative.



As cervical cancer surpasses pregnancy-related complications as a leading cause of deaths among women in low-resource settings, to protect our investments and gains in maternal health, we must dramatically accelerate our efforts to prevent cervical cancer.


Over the past decade, pilot efforts have validated the feasibility, cost-effectiveness and impact of implementing comprehensive cervical cancer prevention in low- and lower-middle income countries. We have learned that cervical cancer prevention programs:

    • save women’s lives, keeping families and communities intact;
    • can successfully be integrated into existing health services for women and girls;
    • are in demand, and are viable and affordable in all countries;
    • are highly cost-effective and a "best-buy" in global health, according to the World Health Organization; and
    • contribute to achieving current and emerging global development targets on the health of girls and women and the reduction of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) worldwide.

The vision

Cervical Cancer Action and its partners share a vision to expand and scale up global efforts to prevent cervical cancer in low- and lower-middle income countries over the next five years. CCPI aims to ensure that all young adolescent girls receive the HPV vaccine and every woman is screened at least once between the ages of 30 and 49—and that she has access to precancer treatment, when necessary.


CCPI has four key goals:


1. Scale up prevention services for all women and girls
Build political commitment for developing appropriate policies and integrating vaccination and screening/preventive treatment into school health, women’s health and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs. For partners currently operating limited prevention programs, seek to cover all girls and women.


2. Expand the stakeholder base globally and in countries
Strengthen and expand national and global-level commitment and investment in cervical cancer prevention, and support collaboration for more effective implementation.


3. Encourage innovation and shared learning
Support efforts to spur the next generation of vaccination, screening and preventive treatment technologies, programmatic innovations and scalable approaches, and to share new learning broadly.


4. Track progress and encourage accountability
Establish systems to track global progress in expanding coverage, monitor resource investments and compare levels of investment against global commitments and need.


CCPI: An Opportunity for Partnership

CCPI is an opportunity to increase collaboration, transparency, and knowledge sharing among a diverse group of organizations and donors already engaged or newly committed to expanding cervical cancer prevention in low- and lower-middle-income countries over the next five years.


The Initiative is an association of partners who share a commitment to cervical cancer prevention—it is not an institution itself. It offers a platform to make our independent and collective efforts more effective, while catalyzing greater investment and commitment from an expanded group of partners.


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Thank you for your interest in the Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative!